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 Open weekend and Temporary rule change

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Mat Mase

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PostSubject: Open weekend and Temporary rule change   Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:07 am

As some of you would be aware, there is an upcoming Open Weekend, where F2p players would have the option to try out and play members on their accounts!


We ask for your patience as we will be expecting more P2p discussions to take place within our facilities. Many players see this an event or opportunity to try out part of the game that they may have not played before, so we must ask for your patience during this time. We will have an increased tolerance to members (P2p) content chat topics in the FC as players who are currently f2p prepare for the weekend membership, and for the duration of the offer itself. This will be temporary though; after the weekend we will be returning to our normal approach of keeping the P2P chat in FC to a minimum.

Despite our temporary period of greater tolerance to P2P related topics during this time, we would ask that you still be sensitive to others who may not wish to see the P2P chat dominate too much, and make use of our affiliated guest clan chat open for all to guest in called P2pIronmanFC. It is still advised to guest there if you are interested in taking part in any P2p discussions freely. Please reply below for any further inquiries.

Thank you for your understanding,
~ Like a Star @ heaven The F2pIronmanFC Moderation Team
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Open weekend and Temporary rule change
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