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PostSubject: GLORIOUS EVENT WEEKEND   Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:32 pm

Hello ladies and gentlemen, adventurers and slayers of beasts tall and small, great and weak, and farmers of experience.

I am Floris, known in game as Florisvbelle, or that guy who stabs everyone, is a pyromaniac and never shuts up when he starts talking, etc., etc.

Anyway, besides the point. The point is *drum roll* that this very weekend I will be hosting an event. Well, multiple. What will it be you ask? Well, it will be fun for one. Random for two. Full of glory for three, and you bet your bubblebutt there'll be banter (for those non familiar with the term: random nonsense, fun and slightly offensive chat with the intention to poke fun at other players in a friendly manner).

What will the event itself hold? Well for starters there'll be the usual hide and seek that I organise. This isn't a very hard thing. I hide, give a cryptic clue, every few minutes another clue gets released. The clues aren't that hard and are always directly related to where I am hiding. Finding me using the first clue is quite possible if your knowledge of F2P RS is good (and I won't be hiding in either the wilderness or where you have to traverse through hordes of murderous monsters).

Then there are the trivia games I'll be throwing out during the hide and seek. What these will be, I won't exactly tell, but they'll cover broad subjects and will be quite common knowledge, not like Skill's magnificent puzzles that make me feel unqualified, having never gone to uni, to solve the darn things.

There are other events planned, but they will either be used or not depending on the turn out. If we have a fair amount of players I'll launch a game of Very Important Noob, colloquially known as 'Who let the noob out?'. This is a combat oriented phase, and we will be facing hill giants. You are allowed to bring food and equipment, and to run away, so hardcores are welcome and the risk is quite low, as you won't be staying that long.

Another game is 'Writing with fire', which is so straightforward any explication will reveal it so I'll shut up.
Then we have my personal preferred annoying game out of hell, 'Whispering avatars'. This is a Runescape version of a real game, with a slight twist to make it more fun. Does it serve a purpose? Not quite, but there will be laughter involved.

There may be others, there may be not. It's a trial to see how big a turnout we can acquire, but regardless it will be fun.

So tag along, hop into F2PIronmanFC and join the fun.

The event starts at 10 AM, GMT+1.
Ironmen, Hardcore Ironmen, Free Players and Members welcome.
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Mat Mase

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PostSubject: Re: GLORIOUS EVENT WEEKEND   Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:24 pm

A full on day of fun, looking forward to this Very Happy A big fan of hide and seeks myself, so really excited for that! lol

One question, which date is this set on again? I'll try and advertise in the FP clan and reddit/discord if possible Smile

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PostSubject: Re: GLORIOUS EVENT WEEKEND   Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:21 am

I've just pinned this thread until the event is over by the way.

That all looks like a huge amount of fun! I hope there's a good turnout for it!

Sadly, I'll be dancing out at a festival all day on Saturday (yes, Floris' events are on this Saturday, just to clarify that), so will be missing out. Sad
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