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 FC Skype group/ Team Speak

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PostSubject: FC Skype group/ Team Speak   Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:24 pm

If this is in the wrong section or shouldn't be here then feel free to remove.

What does everyone think of creating a Skype/ Team speak group for the FC? I know personally when I'm doing Dung and click intensive tasks I don't focus on the chat box (and sometimes minimize it completely) so was thinking about having a place where we can talk over a VoIP software. It'll also make events, and bossing, etc a lot easier to communicate to each other.

If anyone's interested let me know and we can get one going.

My Skype name is: Hyltondupreez feel free to add me
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Iron Matko

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PostSubject: Re: FC Skype group/ Team Speak   Thu Apr 07, 2016 2:26 am

If you can get a group of people interested that could be great idea, me personally not a huge fan of skype I've actually never used it.

You might only find a small number of people that would be interested in skype chat and with the players that have connection issues especially the HCIM's having skype running might not help.

Good luck with your skype group hope you get some interested people.
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FC Skype group/ Team Speak
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