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 Christ T mase has lost his ChristmasTree(maid)

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uranus tp
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Community Activist

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PostSubject: Christ T mase has lost his ChristmasTree(maid)   Tue Dec 18, 2018 10:31 pm

Ho ho holidays are back upon us,

with santa's companions giving us a warm welcome to the christ mase event.
When checking for naughty players, Santa soon found his bag to be empty, and thus has decided to give something back to the community, in the form of a hide and seek treasure trail.

As a starter, our very own co-founders of the F2pironmanFc will be part of the event. Treemaid will be dressed as a wonderful christmas tree, whilst mat mase will have his very own made costume.


Mr. Chris T mase has lost his precious christmas tree, it is us who will have to find the tree(maid) and bring her back to him. Being both hidden, first we'll have to search both in order to take them back to eachother.

Once this has been accomplished, a big hide and seek will take place, in which the first one to find the tree in the previous one, will decide where he or she will hide.
Once you've found the person, you'll have to solve a riddle for them to prove you're truly 'worthy'.

Finally we'll celebrate the christ mase spirit, by going to the blue inn in varrock!
event will take place 20th of december (in 3 days) at 8pm ingame time.

The three 'finders' in the event will get a smiley in FC for six months, all other participants will get a smiley in the FC for a month

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PostSubject: Re: Christ T mase has lost his ChristmasTree(maid)   Wed Dec 19, 2018 9:07 am

Thanks Arne!

And to add to that, there will be rewards of a smiley face in FC for six months for the three main 'finders', and smiley faces for one month for every participant.
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Mat Mase

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PostSubject: Re: Christ T mase has lost his ChristmasTree(maid)   Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:01 pm

And what a great turnout!

Thanks to everyone who came, we had an absolute blast! Find below some screenshots I took of the event Very Happy

The day before... I outfitted my alt to become Santa!

Players finding me at the first location! Watch m3 Wc found me a mere minute after the hunt began. Impressive~
(Clue given: I spy a tree, but it's not mine; inside a home to a noble bloodline; lastly a monk, without a shrine! Where am I?)

As the winner of the first AND second round (Sorry I don't have pics of Tree's hiding spot) Watch got to hide. This is where we ended up!

Congrats to Mage Cutter for winning the 6 month smiley prize here! Watch m3 Wc was also awarded a free month of Discord Nitro for winning both of the first two rounds. Well done~

We then headed over to my PoH in Taverley for an after-party where we enjoyed drinks, got served by a monkey butler, took some group pics, attempted to play a hangman game, beat up a training dummy, planted Treemaid in the garden, and ate some bananas for dinner!


Funny picture Razz


A merry Christ-mase dinner!

Overall a fantastic event that lasted a little over an hour and a half!
Special thanks to Treemaid for playing as our beloved Christ-mase tree, and Arne (Aka Rune society) for planning and hosting this event~

One month smileys have been given out to all participants too. Please let us know if we've missed you!

Have an awesome christmase and see you all around!
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PostSubject: Re: Christ T mase has lost his ChristmasTree(maid)   Fri Dec 21, 2018 9:21 am

The three 'finders, who each receive a 6 month smiley in FC:
watch m3 wc

And the rest of us - a one month smiley for those not already ranked:

fly xiv
gerhard hcim
mage cutter
me 4win
toku ake
Rune Society/hc arneid
Chris T Mase (Mueez/’Mat’)

Thanks to all who attended - it was a hoot! If we've missed out anyone for their smileys in FC, or if you want it on a different account, let us know.

And a few from me...

My Costume

My location. The clue was:
'Hew me! For I pine, besides this crumbling wall,
And altar not your mind, though felled, I shall not fall!'
(Amongst the pine trees, near the wildy wall and mind altar)
Watch M3 WC was the first to find me, followed by Danzel, but since Watch already had a 6 month smiley coming for finding Mat first, Danzel got one for finding me second.

And the post event party at Chris T Mase's player owned house:

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PostSubject: Re: Christ T mase has lost his ChristmasTree(maid)   

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Christ T mase has lost his ChristmasTree(maid)
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