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 Having bad technical issues

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Iron Matko

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PostSubject: Having bad technical issues   Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:38 am

Hey everyone, I've just got back after being absent a couple of months. Long story short been super busy working 2 jobs then decided to quit them both and move back home, drove across the country 6,750km 4 states 70 hours of driving 2 week long road trip. So am back in Sydney unemployed and spending a bit of time just relaxing.

So when I got back to game I initially had really bad client issues game would freeze client would crash and shutdown and wasn't able to play, I had an old client so ended up deleting everything off the computer and just downloaded a new client of the runescape page.

Now the client itself stopped crashing but having very bad issues with the game play and have no idea how to fix it, its freezing very often but the screen doesn't freeze just seems to be a very long and often lag on commands. So for example if I go to open my bank I would click and the bank wont open but can still right click to see options can change camera angles but just bank wont open for maybe 30-60 seconds at its worst this happens every couple of minutes sometimes not as long, mostly just a few seconds but every so often get the really long delay. During this time I can try walk away the command registers, there's the small red flag on mini map and the yellow cross appears where I clicked but I don't move. I don't believe its a connection issue because everything else runs fine and never get the little box in top left corner that usually indicates it.

I'm on minimum graphics settings and cant seem to figure this one out. Im not very technical and would love to get some advice on what it might be and how to fix it. IDK if this information helps but have put on the displayfps function on and the amount of fps i'm getting doesn't seem to change at all still fluctuates around the 60 mark.

If you know anything I can do to fix this or anything that would help you figure out whats wrong let me know I can't seem to get this issue solved and its very disruptive and hard to play.

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Mat Mase

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PostSubject: Re: Having bad technical issues   Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:18 am

Welcome back Matko Very Happy am hoping you're enjoying your break thus far!

Your problem as described does sound like a connection issue indeed, have you tried playing rs on any other networks other than the one you're already playing on? Maybe that might fix it.

Something you can check is going into the world selection menu or typing displayfps into the command line and seeing what ping you're getting on the world you're playing on. If it's anything over 300 then it's most likely a poor connection.

Hopefully that fixes it for you Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Having bad technical issues   Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:00 am

Aww Matko, that sounds super infuriating! We've been missing you too! If Mat's fix doesn't help, try posting what you've posted here in the 'Community Led Technical Support' forum on the Runescape forums, here:
It's where the clever techie types like to hang out to demonstrate their clever techiness by solving people's technical game play issues. There's probably someone there who will have some more ideas of what to try.
In the meantime, enjoy relaxing and having some 'you' time! You've certainly earned it! Hope to see  you back in game again without all those issues soon! Smile

Edit: I've just remembered something a Jmod told me recently (not a techie Jmod) when I was moaning about the nxt client being super laggy for me. He said to leave my account logged into the lobby for a couple of hours before playing. I've no idea what difference that might make, or if it would help in your situation, and I dismissed it as being rather impractical. It might be worth a try though if you're desperate.

I've also found that the old client is less laggy by far for me, so when I'm not on two accounts at the same time (when I have one account on each), I play on the old client.
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PostSubject: Re: Having bad technical issues   Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:29 am

Welcome back Matko!

I am not very tech savy, so not sure what your problem could be, except maybe what Tree said. If you just downloaded the nxt client, it needs to download the game data into cache or something like that. When you launch it there should be a small spinning circle on bottom right, with a % number. Let that run to 100% (or until it is gone), then the whole game data should be downloaded.

You would only have to do it once (unless you delete everything again and reinstall, then you should do that again). I am not sure if you actually have to be in lobby for it... I would think it would work from login screen too.

Hope that helps!

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PostSubject: Re: Having bad technical issues   

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Having bad technical issues
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