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 Changes/additions to f2p content 4th Dec 2017

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PostSubject: Changes/additions to f2p content 4th Dec 2017   Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:42 am

There were a lot of exciting changes yesterday, many of them changes that will vastly effect how we play in f2p ironman too (eg rune hatchets and gear now purchasable from the Champions’ Guild).
Oh, and my favourite: fletching dailies! Yay! Very Happy
See below for the full list, taken from the Patch Notes forum thread here


F2P Changes

• The following achievements are now available to free players:

• Varrock: Lumbering Around, A Ton of Earth

• Karamja: Five a Day, Put to Port in Port Sarim, Fruity Catch, Back Cran-door, Dungeons and Dragons

• Desert: Memento Mori, Fire at Will, Wiggle Room

• Daemonheim: Setting Up, It's Dangerous to Go Alone, Kitchen Aid, The Lone Dungeoneer, Dere-Licked, Take it from the Top, Change of a Dress, You're Not the Boss of Me, A Road Less Traveled, Invisible Ink, Untouchable, Fashion Victim, Tales of Old, You Got Some Nice Drapes There, I Want It All, And I Want It Now, Marm's Armoury, Tactical Retreat, "Nice to Meet You, Wall", 300, Up to the Gods, Lawful Crafting, In the Darkness Bind Them.

• Wilderness: Highway to the Danger Zone!, Take a Potato Chip...and Eat it!, Hold my Beer While I PK This Guy, Repressed, Ten-uous Link, Unlocked and Loded, Ex-posing Yourself, Filthy Rich, Notatrivialtask, A Pizza The Loot, Wet and Wildy, I'm the King of the Wild!, Chaosteo, pUrE a ChAoS oF cOrPsE!, Loyal Subject.

• Divination: What An Experience, Let's Enhance

• The following daily challenges are now available to free players:

• Combat: Kill Giant Mole

• Cooking: Cook apple pies

• Crafting: Spin bowstrings, Spin wool, Soft/Hard/Studded leather, Blue/Black d'hide, Cracked and Fragile Mining/Cooking/Fishing/Prayer/Woodcutting/Smithing/Runecrafting urns.

• Farming: Plant barley, Plant hammerstone hops

• Fletching: Fletch bronze bolts, regular/oak/willow/maple/yew/magic shortbows or shieldbows

• Herblore: Clean tarromin

• Prayer: Scatter accursed ashes

• Runecrafting: Runespan VI, Runespan VII

• Smithing: Smith bronze and iron tracks, iron and steel burial armour

• Woodcutting: Chop maple trees

• The fish and cook cod and mackerel, and cook bacon daily challenges are now members only.

• Benedict Encumberyak's World Tour scrapbook page about Silvarea now works on free worlds, since Silvarea is now available to free players.

• The Bounty Teleport spell is now correctly marked as members only.

• Items in the Bounty Hunter shop are now listed as members only.

• Uncharted island maps are no longer dropped on free worlds.

• Common kebbit fur is now a non-member object, since it can be obtained from divine kebbit burrows.

• Burnt potato is now a non-member object.

• Divination boons (including the boon of elder energy) that require at least 10 Divination are now members only.

• Marrentill (grimy, clean and unfinished potion) cannot be acquired on free worlds, so is now members-only.

• Evil magic trees and evil elder trees no longer spawn on free worlds.

• The sunbeam and icicle crown are now non-member objects, and can now locate evil trees on free worlds.

• The number of teleport charges remaining is now shown when attempting to teleport with the sunbeam crown and icicle crown, and a warning has been added to say that there is currently no way to get more charges.

• The Agility level modifier to run energy recovery/drain is no longer capped to level 1 on free worlds.

• The noose wand is now listed as a non-member tool in the tool belt.

• The tool totals in the tool belt have been corrected to 30 on free worlds.

• Dungeoneering resource nodes up to T50 that should have been available to free players now actually are, for real this time.

• Wolves now drop wolf bones and wolf meat instead of bones on free worlds.

• Bat bones (and ground bat bones) are now available to free players.

• Bats of usual size (such as those in Silvarea) now spawn on free worlds.

• Zamorak robes (top and bottom) are now available to free players.

• Monks of Zamorak now have a chance to drop Zamorak robes.

• Druid robes are now available to free players.

• Rabbits (such as in Taverley) now drop raw rabbit on free worlds.

• The goblin book "The Book of the Big High War God" is now available to free players.

• Cyclopes now drop black knives on free worlds.

• Javelins (from bronze to rune) are now dropped on free worlds.

• Fleshcrawlers now drop black full helms, silver bars and noted iron ore on free worlds.

• (Elite) greater demons can now drop off-hand rune maces on free worlds.

• Lesser demons can now drop off-hand black longswords on free worlds.

• Thieves, farmers and various other citizens can now drop off-hand iron daggers.

• Fixed issues in two Song from the Depths cutscenes and three Missing, Presumed Death cutscenes that triggered the message "To go here you must you must login to be a members' server." on free worlds.

• Duskweed orb (T6) is now craftable on free worlds.

• Corrected several non-member entries in the Attack, Crafting, Defence, Farming, Firemaking, Magic, Ranged, Runecrafting and Smithing skill guides.

• The notification when a player has achieved the maximum skill level total on a free world has been corrected from 1700 to 1869.

• The Doomsayer Warning setting for Varrock Sewers can now be toggled on free worlds so long as the sewers have been entered by the player at least 6 times.

• Energy potions are now non-member objects and can be purchased on the Grand Exchange.

• The Fancy Clothes Store in south-east Varrock is now available to free players.

• Free players can now buy bottles of wine from Fortunato in Draynor market and sell back empty wine bottles.

• Olivia the seed merchant in Draynor market is now visible to free players.

• Free players can now purchase cups of tea from the Varrock tea stall. (The "Jackanory" Varrock achievement is also available to free players.)

• Free players can now access Jatix's Herblore Shop in Taverley.

• T6 (zephyrium, etc) resources can now be purchased from the smuggler on free worlds.

• Web snippers in Daemonheim are now available to free players.
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Mat Mase

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PostSubject: Re: Changes/additions to f2p content 4th Dec 2017   Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:06 am

Epic, thanks for putting all of that together, Tree! Very helpful to be able to see everything in one place Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Changes/additions to f2p content 4th Dec 2017   Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:19 pm

very useful, ty Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Changes/additions to f2p content 4th Dec 2017   

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Changes/additions to f2p content 4th Dec 2017
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