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 Details of Recent F2p Changes/Additions

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PostSubject: Details of Recent F2p Changes/Additions   Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:26 pm

Most of these folks will have learned or read about already, but these are the details taken from the forums thread here:

Ninja Skill Fixes: Fletching

• Fletching is now a free to play skill!

• Free players can now fletch equipment with wield requirements up to level 50: bronze, blurite, iron, steel, silver, mithril, adamant and rune crossbows, arrows, darts and bolts (up to diamond bolts inclusive); normal, oak, willow, maple, teak, yew and magic shortbows and shieldbows, and up to bovistrangler in Daemonheim. The exception is when such equipment is either locked behind members' content or situated outside of the free to play area (such as smithing dart tips, which requires Tourist Trap).

• Free players can now pick and spin flax into bowstrings.

• Free players can now spin sinew into crossbow strings.

• Free players can now cut gems, from opal through to diamond.

• Free players can now craft mithril grapples.

• Teak logs, mahogany logs and magic logs are now free to play objects. However, some trees can still only be found in members' areas.

• Green dragonhide, green dragon leather, blue dragonhide and blue dragon leather are now free to play objects.

• The smuggler in Dungeoneering can now sell bowstrings to free players.

• The Fletching pet, Flo, can now be acquired in free worlds.

• The special effects of the Woodcutting outfit (burning logs for Firemaking XP and fletching logs for Fletching XP) now work in free worlds.

• Evil trees are now free to play. As such, the the Woodcutting outfit can now teleport to (but not spawn) evil trees in free worlds.

• Dungeoneering equipment up to and including T50 (Zephyrium, Bovistrangler, Spinoleather, Duskweed, Empowered Water staff) is now equippable and craftable by free players.

• Dungeoneering T60 equipment (Argonite, Thigat, Gallileather, Soulbell, Empowered Earth staff) isn't craftable for free players, but is still equippable and can potentially be acquired through drops.

• The Icy Bones dungeoneering boss can now drop throwing knives for free players.

Ninja Wilderness Fixes

• Free players can now pass through the high-risk Wilderness wall, which remains intact. The wander range of the Chaos Elemental remains unchanged.

• Blue dragons have been added to the Wilderness north of the Forgotten Cemetery to provide a source of blue dragon hide for free players.

• Red dragons now drop between one to eight rune darts. Eight is no longer guaranteed.

• The deep wilderness is now accessible to free players, as is the deep wilderness dungeon (accessed south of the Pirates' Hideout).

• The south-east corner of the Wilderness (west of the Morytania Slayer Tower and north of Silvarea) is now a free area.

• The Mage Arena cave (accessed from a lever north-west of the Mage Arena) is now accessible to free players.

• Gundai the banker and Lundail the rune seller are now visible on free worlds in the Mage Arena cave. However, Kolodion is not visible.

• Free players can now use the lever in the Deserted Keep to teleport to Edgeville. Members using the lever are still teleported to east Ardougne.

• The lever in Edgeville that teleports players to the high-risk Wilderness is no longer blocked in free worlds.

• Green dragons are now available for free players.

• William and Ian cannot access free player banks in the Wilderness.

• Red dragon isle is now accessible to free players.

• Red dragonhide is now accessible to free players via red dragons. However, it still cannot be tanned, crafted into leather or equipped on free worlds.

• In free worlds, Blue dragons no longer drop the bass. They drop lobsters instead.

• The Chaos Elemental is now accessible to free players and has its own free to play drop table.

• The boss pets for the Chaos Elemental, Giant Mole and King Black Dragon can now drop in free worlds. However, the King Black Dragon boss pet still has a 99 Summoning requirement.

• The Last Riders book now drops from the King Black Dragon in free worlds.

• Achievements for the Chaos Elemental, Giant Mole and King Black Dragon no longer display a member requirement.

Ninja Free to Play Fixes

• The following quests are now all available to free players: The Perils of Ice Mountain, Gertrude's Cat, Priest in Peril, A Soul's Bane, Missing, Presumed Death, Song from the Depthsand Broken Home (although the Asylum Surgeon's ring reward remains members only).

• Remora's necklace, the coral crossbow and coral bolts, the first level of the grotworm lair and the royal cape dropped by young grotworms are now all free to play.

• Kittens (from Gertrude's Cat) are now free to play. They can grow into cats, become overgrown, and can even become a purple cat upon completion of Swept Away.

• Free players can now complete the Varrock achievements to choose the colour of their kitten. They can also obtain a cat training medal from Gertrude by killing 100 rats.

• Swept Away's post-quest content (excluding the Sorceress' Garden and members area rewards) are now available to free players.

• The first four tasks from Doric and Boric after What's Mine Is Yours are now available to free players.

• The Shooting Star and Evil Tree D&Ds are now available to free players.

• The Warriors' Guild in Burthorpe is now available to free players.

• The area south of Paterdomus and north of the Duel Arena is now available to free players.

• The members fence east of Varrock has been removed to allow unrestricted access to Silvarea (the area east of the Lumber Yard up to and including Paterdomus). The eastern border of the free area is now defined by the River Salve.

• The barrier east of the Mage Training Arena has been removed.

• The fences and blocking between the Mage Training Arena and the Exam Centre have been removed.

• Free players can now enchant, wear and trade sapphire jewellery including the ring of recoil, bracelet of clay and the games necklace (sans teleport) in addition to the amulet of magic.

• Free players can now pay a sawmill operator to convert regular logs into planks.

• Coifs can now be crafted by free players, and have been redubbed as Studded leather coifs. They can be crafted by adding studs to a leather cowl.

• Free players can now smith bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant and rune pickaxes after completing The Perils of Ice Mountain.

• Free players can now smith all blurite items following Knight's Sword.

• Free players can now smith crossbow limbs up to runite.

• Free players can now craft T50 mystic armour from mystic cloth.

• Limestone, crafting limestone bricks and even the humble 'rock' are now available to free players.

• The Empowered Water Staff can now be dropped by Unholy Cursebearers for free players in Dungeoneering.

• A confirmation prompt has been added when free players upgrade or try to use lodestones in member areas.

• Bronze and iron nails are now available to free players, as are saws and bracelet moulds.

• The pestle and mortar, rake, seed dibber, gardening trowel, secateurs, rod clay mould, sextant and seedicide now correctly reflect their free status in the toolbelt.

• Although inaccessible, the bottom section of the Shattered Worlds entrance in Lumbridge Swamp has been marked as a free area to better mark the perimeter.

• Death Plateau has been marked as a free area so it can be seen on the world map to aid navigation while playing the eponymous quest. It still requires 15 Agility.

• The Odd Old Man is now visible in free areas for the sake of Missing, Presumed Death.

• Hura's crossbow shop can now be accessed by free players.

• Strange fruit can now be eaten in free worlds, and can be obtained by defeating the Chaos Elemental.

• Free players can now bury dragon bones for Prayer XP.

• Looms can now be used by free players.

• The strip of cloth used in Regicide (crafted from balls of wool) can now be spun in free worlds. The required Crafting level has been reduced from level ten to level one.

• The default loot beam option is now the initial option for new players.

• The maximum total level milestone message for F2P has increased from 1656 to 1750 now that Fletching is a free skill.

And the Tuska warpriest:

• The Tuska Warpriest's armour effect will now only work when three or more pieces are equipped.
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PostSubject: Re: Details of Recent F2p Changes/Additions   Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:17 pm

Thanks for compiling this Tree Very Happy extremely helpful! Smile
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Details of Recent F2p Changes/Additions
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