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 How to Post on the Runescape Forums

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PostSubject: How to Post on the Runescape Forums   Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:55 pm

Firstly, if your account is f2p, you will need a total level of 350 or more to post. All p2p accounts may post at any level.

How to Post on Pre-existing Threads

• From the main page, click on ‘forums’.

• Click on ‘sign in/join’ top right.

• Log in using your usual log in details.

• Either browse through the list of forums then the threads within those forums, or use the search box to locate the thread you are looking for using the search box:

You can either type in the name of the thread if you know it, or the quick find code (qfc) if you know that, or do a search for key words you are wanting to find. If you click ‘search users’ underneath the search box, you can also type in the name of a particular player, and it will give you a list of all the most recent threads that player has posted in.

• Once you have found the thread you want, click the ‘reply’ button, to make a new post on the end of the thread, then the ‘preview’ button, to see how what you have typed will appear, or the ‘post’ button, when you are ready to submit your post.

How to create a thread

If you cannot find a pre-existing thread on the topic on which you wish to comment, you may like to create your own thread.

• Log into the forums (see above).

• Choose the forum that most closely represents what you wish to raise.

• Check the ‘specific rules’ for that forum to make sure it’s the right place to post (under the title, left aligned). Some forums do not have that ‘specific rules’ link, or have their own rules stickied to the top of the forum in a Jmod post.

• From the specific rules page, back button to get back to the forum, then click on ‘new thread’.

Compose your thread title (don’t use all capitals) and content, then ‘preview’ or click on ‘post’.


Post Editing

You are also able to edit the content of your posts after you have submitted them (but not delete them entirely). Under each post you have made, you will find three barely visible icons, which once you hover over them will say:

• Quote this post
• Edit this post
• Reply to this post

Obviously, choose the edit one!


Under the posts made by others, you do not have an edit option, but instead a ‘highlight this post’ option. That is a way of reporting which is largely obsolete and generally won’t need to be used.  The recommended way of reporting a rule breaking post now is on the ‘Forum Help’ thread, in the ‘Community Home’ forum. Read the first post carefully before posting on that thread.
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PostSubject: Re: How to Post on the Runescape Forums   Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:44 pm

Thanks for this, wasn't sure what the total level requirement was so guess that is cleared up now Smile
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How to Post on the Runescape Forums
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