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 Mining/Smithing Rework

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PostSubject: Mining/Smithing Rework   Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:37 am

The information below it taken from Jagex’s Reddit
(Thanks Skill lvl126 for posting the link on our Discord.)

It looks like we’re going to have to be collecting loads of coal for our mith/addy dagger daily challenges for a very long time yet sadly. (See the last sentence.) All a bit disappointing.

• We haven't been frank about the issues we are facing
• Dilemma 1 - Changing the skills drastically will make the skills very unfamiliar to returning and existing players (like EOC did)
• We didn't think we were changing the game dramatically but it will:
    - The price of coal
    - The drops of monsters which have to be replaced by other things
    - Alch prices
    - Existing banks - we can replace items to keep bank values roughly the same
    - Very expensive in terms of time - 15 years of smithing and mining which is embedded into a lot of
    - Much easier to create something new

• Even if we got over that, there are other issues
- Is this a problem causing people to leave the game? Currently it isn't but changing it a lot would
- Mismatch of levels is terrible but the most time consuming part
- The reason players leave are: (1) Tutorial (2) Post-tutorial (3) Coming back as a player and not recognising the game (4) Certain minigames make people quit more than mining/smithing do
• Survey showed players are split on what a rework should be
- No matter we do, we annoy one half the player base which is also a concern. We can go ahead with it anyway.
• Mining and Smithing is bigger than an expansion (expansion is ~9 months)
- Unless we add a lot of content on top, what have we actually done 'gj you teaked addy and iron but most players won't smith/mine it'
- Survey showed people want a reason to train to the high levels because of the benefits it'll give
- Understandable that high level players are more likely to answer the survey
- We thought crunching down the tiers (most time consuming; least effect on game) was #1 priority for players - but we were wrong
• Jagex's proposal - What if we did a high level mining smithing update which is actually far less time consuming (new content easier than reworking old content) and left the rest of the rework for later. Ideas featured:
- New tier 70/80/90
- New locations
- Maybe mining guild
- Craftable armours
- High level usable useful PvM armour
- Overload equivalent for Smithing
- Doesn't include going upto level 120s
- Addressing the top 39 levels
- Not included: reworking lower tiers, tweaking the levels
- If strawpoll is not positive we will go back to the drawing board. If positive - we will do an in game poll of the same - poll was positive so will move on to ingame poll
- Will have a dev blog with the poll so people are informed (something we learned from OSRS)
• We understand this is not a rework, the rework is still there. We need the time and effort to do it properly but if this goes through, the full rework will be pushed much further back. Maybe pushed out of UB, and certainly out of the top 10 and replaced by something else.
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Mat Mase

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PostSubject: Re: Mining/Smithing Rework   Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:11 am

Interesting, was hoping they'd have done more after 2 years though! looks like I won't be getting 85 smithing anytime soon either lol Razz

Thanks for posting Smile
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Community Activist

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PostSubject: Re: Mining/Smithing Rework   Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:37 am

Thank you Treemaid for posting this. I'm really surprised with their response actually. They forced out Evolution of combat, which caused a massive up-stir. The change in combat is drastically bigger than changing the level requirements of mining and smithing. They talk about the change in ore prices, yet eoc dramatically changed the prices of weaponry with 2h'ed weapons being favoured. e.g Corrupt dragon spear was 50k before eoc, and now it's 4mill.

I'm also disappointed that they are taking this long to implement this mining/smithing re-work.

P.S - Make dragon blue dhide and mystic armour available to f2p ironman.
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PostSubject: Re: Mining/Smithing Rework   

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Mining/Smithing Rework
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