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 A story

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uranus tp
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PostSubject: Re: A story   Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:10 am

Damn Floris!

You should become a writer, seriously!
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PostSubject: Re: A story   Sat Sep 02, 2017 12:07 pm

Thanks a bunch Arne, glad you're still reading it and enjoying it Very Happy

Gaelus left Trista behind, deep in thought. It was clear to him that she believed him, and he had given her a lot to think about. He hadn't been surprised that Trista, or Glissandi for that matter, trusted him so easily. His kind had that impact on humans. On most living races really, if he thought about it. He closed the door quietly, not making a sound as to not disturb the Knight from her thoughts, and left. He took a deep breath and went for the Priestess' room. The last one he needed to visit, and give a proper lecture to about using violence in his house. He wasn't looking forward to it. Glissandi was a volatile mixture of surprisingly practical zealotry, bottomless ambition that she'd only pursue if it aided the Lord's cause, a lot of self control mixed with a lack of knowledge about how the world actually worked and strongly coloured by the Order's views, and a heck of a brain. If only she dared using it to look beyond what she was taught. Walking the few metres to reach her room, he pushed it open.

Glissandi had been waiting on him for hours now. She had been terrified at first, mixed with a bottomless awe she felt for the fact that she had been in the present of what was undoubtedly a being sent by the Lord Himself. The Mother Supreme could cast incredibly powerful healing spells that could bring even the most badly wounded Warrior back from the verge of death, but Gaelus had actually revived a dead body! Several at that! And without any obvious sign of exertion. He had pulled souls back from the beyond, into living bodies. There could be no clearer sign than that to her. So on one hand she had realised that her mission had been a success beyond her wildest dreams; she had found an Agent of the Lord, as strange as he might be, which would explain how much he knew, how much at ease he felt, and it made sense for him to hide away from the world at large, only appearing if the Lord's faithful needed him, or if the worthy found him. She had to be very wary of her ego growing out of control. The Lord's hand guided her and her group. That they had stumbled upon him was not an achievement of her own.
Yet on the other hand she had disappointed him. Broken one of his orders. He tolerated no violence and she had trod on that command. They had been Trolls, led by a Gnome, creatures of Evil who should not be tolerated, and should be feared by all the faithful. That had confused her at first, until she realised that an Agent of the Lord had no need to fear them. The Trolls were ants compared to him, and how could a Gnome hope to confuse and mislead a Holy Agent? Instead it was likely that Gaelus was using the forces of Evil to do his own bidding, which was obviously well within his power. It also explained how he possessed that strange energy she had never even heard of before, let alone encountered.

So she had waited. The moment she had regained her bearings, which had been within minutes as her glee over finally realising what Gaelus was overtook her blind fear that he had sown in her heart, she had knelt in front of the door, facing it, and waited in the Order's typical prostrating position to do penance in. Within minutes the uneasy position had started hurting. The muscles in her legs started aching, and her knees started begging for relieve. With a short brush of her well trained mind she had dismissed those feelings. The pain was part of the penance. She had committed a grave error and she had to atone for it. Minutes had become hours, and soon even the hours had started dragging on. The pain in her legs had become horrendous, she could feel the blood pooling in all the wrong places as it struggled to get past the bends, and while she had spells at her disposal that could alleviate the pain she didn't even think about using them. Even when she reached the point that her legs just stopped responding in total, having gone completely numb, she maintained the position. She was angry at herself for the relief she felt when that finally happened, and finally accessed her magic to make her feel it again. You could not atone for your sins if you didn't suffer to show that you were aware you had done wrong and were willing to make up for it.

When Gaelus opened the door she didn't notice it at first, too distracted by her prayer and the pain. Then she saw him standing there, through the gaps of her hair that had fallen over her face, her eyes still looking at the ground but seeing him in her peripheral vision. He looked annoyed. Very annoyed.
"Get up you idiot!" he called out to her.
She moved to obey. "Yes my lord," she replied. She moved herself upright and tried getting up, but her legs refused to budge. Gaelus was next to her in a second and pulled her up without effort, and she felt simultaneously happy that he helped her, and guilty that she could not do it on her own.
"Don't you dare to start lording me! I know what you're thinking and I am in no way affiliated with your Lord!" he told her off. She looked at his face and saw that he was giving her a very stern look and an annoyed frown. She wavered slightly, but then nodded. It was not her place to question the will or the word of a Holy Agent. As a Human she could not hope to understand him. It seemed he could read what she was thinking, for his scowl deepened. He lifted her up a bit more and unfolded her legs, causing the Priestess to yelp in pain, despite herself. He grumbled something she could not understand and he carried her to the bed, forcing her to lay down.
"I will be fine, please, you—" she started, but was cut off as Gaelus started forcefully kneading some life in her legs again, causing her to gasp for breath.
"You will shut up because any word you say is going to give me a headache at this point. I forgot that despite your supposed intelligence you're one heck of a blind zealot." He gave her an angry stare that made her wilt. He moved his fingers deftly across her legs and searched softly for the biggest knots. Then he closed them, causing her to gasp again. Unlike the previous massage, this one wasn't nearly as physically pleasant.
"I—" he said, pronouncing the word carefully and accompanying it with another squeeze.
"Am—" He squeezed down once more, in a different area, causing her to gasp as his fingers ignored any resistance her stiff muscles threw up.
"NOT—" he continued, throwing her a look that left the definition of annoyed behind and came closer to vicious than anything else.
"An angel!" he finished. His fingers closed so tightly around her leg that she veered up, her hands clutching his in a desperate attempt to somehow make him stop. He stopped pressing down but her hands remained on his. She could see her own eyes mirrored in his as she suddenly realised that she was very close to his face, surprised she hadn't headbutted him by accident. She could also read her own fear in his eyes, mixed thoroughly with adoration. She hadn't meant to do that, to veer up and try to stop him, much less squeal in pain, but her body had reacted on instinct.

He got up without a word, leaving the stunned Priestess to rub her painful legs. He seemed to consider leaving, then softly shook his head and turned back towards her.
"I do not serve your Lord, nor do I serve anyone else. I am a mortal being, just like you. I am merely someone who isn't Human, even if I may look like it. And I really hope that I'm getting through your thick skull, because if you keep staring at me with that blind, stupid adoration and zealous belief that I am someone sent by a random being that decides to live up in the sky as if he's a bloody dragon, then I might just decide to weld a helmet to your shoulders!" he grumbled at her. Glissandi looked away. He sighed. She obviously wasn't convinced and he feared that changing her mind would take an eternity of slow re-education, or a shock therapy by dragging her out in the world that wasn't under control of the Order. Which would include a lot of damage control as he was quite certain that if he left her alone she'd start shooting people full of holes again. He sighed again and made for the door.
"At least stop obeying my every word? Treat me as before, okay? And don't use violence again!"
Glissandi perked up at that. A bright, nearly childishly happy smile lit her up face as she outright beamed happiness at him. "Yes, my lo—"
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A story
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