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 P2p accounts and non-iron accounts: policy

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PostSubject: P2p accounts and non-iron accounts: policy   Wed Feb 03, 2016 5:37 pm

The friends chat has an all-inclusive policy. Players of all types are permitted in the chat.

P2P Iron accounts in the FC

Pay-to-Play players are welcome in the chat, but we do ask that the chit chat about P2P content is kept to a minimum there. There are plenty of clans for Iron P2P players out there who are very happy to let people join or guest in their chats, but not so many for free players! We also have an affiliated clan chat, 'p2pironmanfc', to enable the P2P frequenters of f2pironmanfc to chat freely about their p2p content without having to drop out of f2pironmanfc. Players can guest in that P2P focussed clan chat, they do not have to leave their own clan chats or the FC to do so.

Non-Iron accounts in the FC

The main or alternative non-iron accounts of FC regulars are also welcome to hang out in the chat, or any regular accounts who are just looking into the possibility of starting an Iron account and would like some information/advice on that. We expect all players in FC who have ‘mainscape’ accounts, to respect the Iron mode focus of our chat and to keep talk about non-Iron game content to a minimum. FC Moderators will be ranked on all their accounts, iron or non-iron, F2P or P2P, to enable them to monitor the chat and keep it a happy place! Smile
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P2p accounts and non-iron accounts: policy
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