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 My safekeep.

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Kaiser Zose

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PostSubject: My safekeep.   Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:11 am

Hey hey! I've had this safekeep since February 2015 in the RSOF, 3 months after I started my Ironman account. Time to post it here!

Long time ago, around the first years of the sixth age, Kaiser Zose decided to abandone his criminal career, and embarked on an adventure that would take him to the world of RuneScape.After saving the day on the colorful island of Ashdale, he arrived at Taverley, and the way began. To his surprise, he discovered that a magical force avoided him to trade with another inhabitants of the world or with the Grand Exchange Market. He became part of a Clan, where he has found other people with the same restrictions he had. Nevertheless, he achieved things that he never thought he will.

Well, after this introduction, I want to state my goals and my condition. I am a free-to-play Ironman and plan to stay like that.

My goals:

-To aquire full Rune armour. Done! Smile
-To complete all f2p quests. Done! Smile
-To reach total level 1000. Done! Smile
-To complete every f2p Task. Done ! Smile
-Being awarded with Explorer's Ring 4. Done! Smile
-To Unlock all f2p music traks. Done! Smile
-To achieve 10M total xp. Done! Smile
-To get the three main Gravite weapons. (Bow missing)
-To obtain a Rune Hatchet. (10+ smithing levels required)
-To reach total level 1200. (18 more levels to go)
-To reach at least level 75 in all f2p skills. (12 skills to go)
-To obtain all Daemonheim notes available to f2p. (2 remaining)
-To always stay as f2p. Done for the moment! Shocked

Total level: 1182.
Attack: 70.
Defence: 70.
Strength: 71.
Constitution: 72.
Ranged: 58.
Prayer: 60.
Magic: 63.
Cooking: 76.
Woodcutting: 78.
Fishing: 72.
Firemaking: 79.
Crafting: 65.
Smithing: 72.
Mining: 72.
Runecrafting: 73.
Dungeoneering: 80.
And level 5 in all members' skills.
Combat level: 88
Total XP: 15,356,164

Old School Ultimate Ironman account:

Name: KaiserZoseII
Total level: 292.
Attack: 30.
Defence: 40.
Strength: 30..
Hitpoints: 34.
Ranged: 1. (Not planning on levelling up for the moment being)
Prayer: 21.
Magic: 10
Cooking: 17.
Woodcutting: 12.
Fishing: 5.
Firemaking: 15.
Crafting: 7.
Smithing: 30.
Mining: 30.
Combat level: 40.

All quests, excepting Dragon Slayer, have been completed.
Also got mithril armour with some addy pieces, which is not that bad, and.....of course, Fancy Boots.

Haven't been playing compulsively for a while, so you won't see many progress here Razz

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Mat Mase

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PostSubject: Re: My safekeep.   Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:23 am

Nice progress!

Looking forward to seeing the updates ^-^
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My safekeep.
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