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 goblin raid abreveation idea

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PostSubject: goblin raid abreveation idea   Wed Nov 23, 2016 3:35 am

i just noticed that most people in the fc know where they are and that we dont need to type out the whole location when calling them. and for those who dont know they're usually too low of a a level to solo and/or safe spot alone so they would be going with someone who knows where it is anyway. so i thought of this from how people used to abbreviate keys in dungeoneering.

Draynor wheat field, east of Draynor - E D
North of Draynor, west of the lodestone - N D
Lumbridge farm, the potato field north of the cow pen - L Fa
Lumbridge Swamp copper mine, south of Lumbridge - L Sw
North of the Champions' Guild, west of the Varrock lodestone - N Ch
South of Varrock, east of the stone circle - S V
West of Varrock, south of Gertrude's house - W V
Taverley wheat field, south-east of the bank - T Wh
Taverley mine, under White Wolf Mountain (Burthorpe mine) - T Mi
North of the Crafting Guild, south of the Make-over Mage - N Cr
Farm north of Port Sarim, the cabbage field at Falador farm N P
Mine west of Port Sarim, north of Rimmington - W P

ofcourse all of these would be followed by a number which would be the world it's on. might seem hard to remember it's not if you remember these things: the single letter abbreviation are either a city or a direction so it will be limited to N S W E and V L F D T. the two letter abreveations are actual land features and they are just the first two letters of what ever it is
Fa is farm Sw is swamp Wh is wheat field Mi is mine Cr is craft guild

lemme know if this is a good idea or not or if someone thought of this already sorry in advance Razz. or if this is good but there is some changes you'd make!

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Mat Mase

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PostSubject: Re: goblin raid abreveation idea   Wed Nov 23, 2016 4:12 am

Lol, tbh I feel like we'd spend more time trying to remember which letters stand for what than typing out in words haha.

I feel like most players won't be able to remember all of these, and I prefer calling out the full names anyway, so that newer players have a chance to ask about raids or participate in them Razz

Just my thought tho hehe Smile
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PostSubject: Re: goblin raid abreveation idea   Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:32 am

No harm in having those if folks are a bit busy to type it out in full, we might get more reporting the locations that way. If people don't know what it is they can always ask.

Like Mase though, I'll probably opt for a middle ground shorter version, like 'cabbage patch' or 'north champs' sort of thing. Mainly because I think I might spend more time explaining than I would typing it out slightly longer in the first place, lol.

You could give it a go though Nospace, see how it goes and let us know? Smile
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PostSubject: Re: goblin raid abreveation idea   Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:27 pm

If people can't even remember to collect the hampers from the Cook daily, then it would definitely be a stretch to say they'd remember these codes...good effort though Razz
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PostSubject: Re: goblin raid abreveation idea   

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goblin raid abreveation idea
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