The communication hub for RuneScape free to play Ironman players from f2pironmanfc friends chat.
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 F2pironmanfc Forums: Introduction and Welcome!

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PostSubject: F2pironmanfc Forums: Introduction and Welcome!   Wed Feb 03, 2016 4:46 pm

Welcome to the communication hub for Runescape 'f2pironmanfc' friends chat. These forums are open for anyone to post in, regardless of style of play, but bear in mind they are aimed at f2p Ironman accounts for RS3 players.

Guests can view the most of the forums without logging in. If you wish to post yourself or to see all the forum sections available, you will have to register on the site and wait until a forums Admin can put your account into the members group for posting abilities. You will need to enter an email when you register and validate your account from that email address, so make sure you choose one you can access! Also, please try to choose a user name on the forums that is at least similar to the one you mainly use in game (preferably the same), then we won't get confused! Just to be aware, there may be a delay between when you register and when Admin can validate your account for members forum access/posting permissions.

About the Friends Chat

F2pironmanfc is aimed at RS3 Ironman/woman players (both legacy and eoc) who are free to play. Both regular Ironman and Hardcore Ironman players are welcome.

This is where you can hang out with players who play the same way as you do, sharing advice and tips, asking questions, and socialising. We are not a clan of course, so you are welcome to hang out in here at the same time as your own clan's Clan Chat, and we hope that  you do! If you play on a regular account as well as your Ironman, you are welcome to hang out in the chat on your regular account too.

The chat has come a long way since it first started. Many of the original frequenters have moved on to P2P or otherwise stopped playing on their iron accounts, but even more have come to take their place from diverse time zones; the chat is now active 24/7, which is wonderful! Our FC homeworld is world 29, though that is of course entirely optional!

Help in spreading the word is always much appreciated, most of our regulars came to us through word of mouth, so bear us in mind when you run across other ironmen/women on free worlds. We’re onto something good here, let's share it around and help other isolated f2p Ironies get in touch with each other too!
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F2pironmanfc Forums: Introduction and Welcome!
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